Animated Call-To-Action video: Endangered Wildlife Trust

A wild animation video to drum up support for a good cause.

“Your video and characters were an absolute hit and we managed to raise the most we have ever raised from a Giving Tuesday campaign. The money raised goes to our critical conservation activities.

Thank you for your generosity and support.”

T. BakerBDO, Endangered Wildlife Trust
As part of BlackFly TTL’s social responsibility initiative, we assisted the Endangered Wildlife Trust in creating a call-to-action animation video for their Giving Tuesday, campaign. We assessed that the EWT’s main communication needs focused around educating the public on their role in conservation, to drive traffic to their website, social media accounts and online store, and to ultimately encourage funding from individuals or corporates. It goes without saying, animation is the perfect medium for this kind of communication initiative.
With the help of our animation video the EWT had the most successful Giving Tuesday campaign over any other year to date!
If you’d like to donate to the EWT head over to